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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q Where you can reach Jebic Packaging Co.,Ltd?

    A Our production facility is located in Nantong,China which is approximately 200km far from Shanghai of China economic center, our products are easily pick up by container load deliver to Shanghai port with the highly effective and cost saving. The nearest airport is Nanjing which is about 40km from our Corporate office and 150km distance from our plant.
  • Q What are the different type of FIBC bags we offer?

    A There are classified to four types of FIBC bags that we offer TYPE A,B,C,D.
    TYPE A FIBC bags-Plain polypropylene fabric with no static protection
    TYPE B FIBC bags-Plain polypropylene fabric with a voltage range less than 6KV
    TYPE C FIBC bags- Plain polypropylene fabric made with inter-connected static dissipative threads
    TYPE D FIBC bags-Plain polypropylene fabric made with antistatic and static dissipative properties 
  • Q Which type of FIBC bags are ideal packaging for my business?

    A The advantage of FIBC bags are with flexible packaging features and most cost-effective solution for transporting your products, so the bags construction, shapes, sizes and options will be determined to choose the right FIBC bags for your application, our sales experts will help you for the completion of this work.
  • Q What is the minimum order quantity as required?

    A We accept a minimum order quantity of 100bags, as the fully integrated plant, we have this capability of producing a variety of FIBC bags to meet the customers demands for their specific small orders.
  • Q What is the lead time to ship my order?

    A The normal lead time based of full container load is 30days against the PO's confirming date, for the small order quantities, our fastest lead time will be completed within 2 weeks.
  • Q Do you have quality inspection system in place?

    A Superior products quality is basic policy to Jebic Packaging Co.,Ltd, as we possess an in house top lift testing assurance system to make performance and ensure our each shipment goods are in compliance with the customer's technical specifications.
  • Q Do all bags have adequate traceability system in place?

    A Yes, we do have this fully procedure of traceability in place, our traceable system can be ensure the finished bags are able to trace back the production from the beginning of raw material stage to the following each individual process,manufacturing date and lot.




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