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Baffle liner/Conductive liner/Aluminium liner

Our product line is very rich with providing you standard tubular flat liner and included these specialized liners: baffle liner, aluminium liner, nylon liner, EVOH liner and conductive liner. These liners can be attached to the outer bags with the feature as they are tabbed liner, glued liner, flanged liner. Please send us message for inquires, we will provide you the right choice in the bags.

Baffle liners, conductive liners, and aluminum liners are specialized products designed to enhance the functionality and protection of bulk containers. These liners are used in conjunction with bulk bags or intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) to provide additional benefits for specific applications.

Baffle liners are designed with internal baffles or panels that help maintain the shape and stability of the liner, preventing bulging or collapsing during filling and transportation. This design feature ensures the even distribution of bulk materials, reducing the risk of shifting and improving the overall stability and safety of the container.

Conductive liners are specifically engineered to dissipate static electricity, making them suitable for handling and transporting materials that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge. These liners are made with specialized conductive materials that safely and effectively ground any static charges, protecting both the materials and the surrounding environment.

Aluminum liners provide an additional layer of protection for bulk materials that require a barrier against moisture, oxygen, or UV radiation. These liners are constructed with high-quality aluminum foil or laminate, creating a barrier that prevents the ingress of external elements, ensuring the integrity and quality of the materials.

All these liners undergo rigorous testing to ensure their strength, durability, and compatibility with various bulk containers. They are designed to meet industry standards and regulations, ensuring the safe storage and transportation of different types of materials.

These liners can be customized to meet specific project requirements, including size, shape, and attachment options, ensuring optimal compatibility with the chosen bulk container. Additionally, they can be easily installed and removed, providing convenience and flexibility for users.

In summary, baffle liners, conductive liners, and aluminum liners offer specialized solutions to enhance the functionality and protection of bulk containers. Whether it is maintaining stability, dissipating static electricity, or providing a barrier against external elements, these liners are designed to meet the specific needs of various industries. With their durability, compatibility, and customization options, they provide reliable and efficient solutions for the safe storage and transportation of bulk materials.





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