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Are known as conductive or groundable FIBCs, they are made with inter-connected static dissipative fabrics interwoven with conducting threads sewn in a grid pattern. This bag can carry flammable materials and flammable gases are present.

TYPE C FIBCs, also known as Type C Conductive Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, are specialized containers designed for the safe handling and transportation of flammable materials. These containers are constructed using a combination of non-conductive polypropylene fabric and conductive threads or tapes, providing a controlled path for static electricity to safely dissipate.

TYPE C FIBCs are widely used in industries where the presence of flammable gases, vapors, or dust is a concern, such as the chemical, petroleum, and pharmaceutical industries. They are specifically designed to prevent the accumulation of static electricity, which can lead to potentially hazardous situations.

The conductive threads or tapes integrated into the fabric of TYPE C FIBCs create a continuous grounding path from the container to a designated earthing point. This ensures that any static charges generated during filling, handling, or discharging operations are safely discharged, minimizing the risk of fire or explosion.

These containers undergo rigorous testing and comply with international standards to ensure their safety and reliability. They are designed to withstand various working conditions and can safely handle flammable materials with ease. Additionally, they are equipped with features such as lifting loops, discharge spouts, and filling spouts for efficient handling and loading/unloading operations.

TYPE C FIBCs are available in different sizes and configurations to meet specific industry requirements. They can be customized with additional safety features like grounding tabs, static-dissipative inner liners, and grounding devices to enhance their performance.

In conclusion, TYPE C FIBCs are essential for industries dealing with flammable materials. Their conductive design and grounding capability ensure the safe handling and transportation of these materials, minimizing the risk of fire or explosion. With their compliance with international standards and customizable features, TYPE C FIBCs provide a reliable and efficient solution for industries that prioritize safety in their operations.





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