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Single/two Loop FIBCs

They are unique design that the lifting loop is made of woven fabric and they are made out of a single layer circular fabric, the most customers require PE liner for their options, these bags are popularly used for filling or packaging fertilizer, chemical powder and cements so on.

Single/two loop FIBCs, also known as 1&2 Loop Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, are specialized containers designed for the efficient handling and storage of bulk materials. These containers are constructed using high-quality polypropylene fabric and are available in different configurations to meet specific industry requirements.

Single loop FIBCs feature a single loop at the top of the container, which serves as both a lifting and securing mechanism. These containers are commonly used for lighter loads and are ideal for applications where quick and easy handling is required. The single loop design allows for efficient filling, lifting, and discharge operations, optimizing productivity and reducing labor costs.

Two loop FIBCs, on the other hand, feature two loops at the top of the container, which are used for lifting and securing purposes. These containers are suitable for heavier loads and provide enhanced stability during handling and transportation. The two loop design ensures balanced weight distribution, preventing strain on the loops and ensuring safe lifting and handling operations.

Both single and two loop FIBCs are available in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different load capacities and handling requirements. They can be equipped with additional features such as dustproof seams, discharge spouts, and filling spouts to enhance their functionality and convenience.

These FIBCs undergo rigorous testing to ensure their strength, durability, and safety. They are designed to withstand the demands of various industries, including agriculture, construction, and mining. The high-quality polypropylene fabric used in their construction provides resistance to tearing, moisture, and UV radiation, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the containers.

In conclusion, single and two loop FIBCs offer efficient and reliable solutions for the handling and storage of bulk materials. Their design, construction, and customizable features make them suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether it's the quick and easy handling of lighter loads or the secure lifting of heavier loads, these FIBCs provide practical and versatile options for industries that prioritize efficiency and convenience in their operations.





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