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PP Material Industrial Food Grade FIBC Big Bags For Rice / Flour / Food


Introducing our high-quality PP Material Industrial Food Grade FIBC Big Bags, specially designed for storing and transporting rice, flour, and various food products. These food-grade big bags are crafted with utmost precision to meet the strict requirements of the food industry.

Manufactured using durable and reliable polypropylene (PP) material, these FIBC big bags ensure optimal protection and preservation of your food items. With their robust construction, they are capable of withstanding heavy loads and rough handling, making them ideal for industrial use.

Our food-grade FIBC big bags are engineered to maintain the purity and quality of your rice, flour, and other food products. They are designed to prevent contamination and safeguard against moisture, pests, and external elements. Rest assured, your food items will remain fresh and uncontaminated throughout their storage and transportation.

Equipped with sturdy handles and reinforced stitching, these big bags provide ease of handling and secure transportation. Their spacious design allows for efficient loading and unloading, optimizing productivity in your food processing operations.

Complying with stringent food safety standards, our FIBC big bags are certified as food-grade materials. They are free from harmful substances and chemicals, ensuring the integrity and safety of your food products. You can confidently rely on these bags to maintain the highest level of hygiene and quality throughout the supply chain.

Whether you are a rice mill, flour mill, or a food processing company, our Food Grade FIBC Big Bags are the perfect solution to meet your storage and transportation needs. Invest in these professional-grade bags to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your operations while ensuring the utmost safety and integrity of your food products.

Product Description

Item No.PP Material Industrial Food Grade FIBC Big Bags For Rice / Flour / Food
Bag sizecustomized
ConstructionsCircular/U-panel/4-panel baffle bag
Lifting Loop WideCross corner/corner loops
Lifting Loop Heightas your request
Lifting Loop Coloras your request
Top SpoutFilling spout/Duffle/Top open
Bottom SpoutFlat or with discharge/concial type
Document PouchYes
Printingas your request
Lineras your request
Sift proofingNo
StitchingNormal stitiching/Chain stitching
Quantities4,000pcs/20pallets=1X20' container
8,800pcs/44pallets=1X40' container







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