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Large Capacity Flat Bottom FIBC For Cements


Large Capacity Flat Bottom FIBC For Cements is used to store and transport dry flowable products such as cement, sand, resin and so on.  FIBCs can be designed to carry loads from 1000kg to 3000kg.

FIBC bags are filled on equipment that deposits material into the bag via a vertical filling spout. FIBC packing equipment can range from manual equipment to modern fully-automated equipment. Bulk bags are filled through an inlet spout or open duffle on top of the bag. The product is dropped or pumped into the bag using gravity or air pressure respectively. When the bag is discharged from the packing equipment, the bag is tied off at the top to prevent contamination or moisture intrusion. Bulk Bags can be equipped with a discharge spout for the easy, safe release of the packaged product.

Due to the moisture sensitivity of cement-based products, coated or add a liner for bulk bags are recommended. 

Coated bags offer protection against moisture and contamination by sealing the microscopic gaps between the woven PP tapes. It can improves water/moisture resistance of the FIBC .

FIBC bags with liner will eliminate sifting and leakage and form oxygen and moisture barrier to protect the produts.

Product Description

Item No.Large Capacity Flat Bottom FIBC For Cements
Bag size35x35x46" or customized, coated
Lifting Loop WideCross corner/corner loops
Lifting Loop Heightas your request
Lifting Loop Coloras your request
Top SpoutDuffle or spout top
Bottom SpoutSpout bottom
Document PouchYes
Printingas your request
Lineras your request
Sift proofingNo
StitchingNormal stitiching/Chain stitching
Quantities4,000pcs/20pallets=1X20' container
8,800pcs/44pallets=1X40' container





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